Newsletter 2

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Competition announced Young and mobile in Szczecinek, Klaipeda and Greifswald In advance of Summer Camps which will take place in the Summer of 2014 a competition was announced in all three cities. The name of the competition: Young and mobile in Szczecinek – Greifswald – Klaipeda. Youngsters (16 – 19) are asked about their ideas for clean transport in their cities. The form: written description, ppt presentation, photos etc. Local...

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Newsletter I

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What is BAYinTRAP? Regional authorities are executing new EU transport policies  but usually leave no or very narrow margin for public commitment. Three cities – Szczecinek in Poland, Greifswald in Germany and Klaipeda in Lithuania – all three having already an experience in sustainable transport decided to take a step into participating democracy in this area. Changing transport happens everyday, but changing transport behaviour,...

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