Competition announced


Young and mobile in Szczecinek,

Klaipeda and Greifswald
In advance of Summer Camps which will take
place in the Summer of 2014 a competition
was announced in all three cities. The name of
the competition: Young and mobile in
Szczecinek – Greifswald – Klaipeda. Youngsters
(16 – 19) are asked about their ideas for clean
transport in their cities. The form: written
description, ppt presentation, photos etc.
Local jury will select three proposals and three
prizes will be granted. There’re two aims of
the competition: to promote the project and
to select participants of Summer Camps (at
least part of them).


Propose his/her ideas how mobility situation
of your city could be improved!
And win one of three prizes along with
an opportunity to participate in the
BAYinTRAP summercamps in Szczecinek
(Poland), Greifswald (Germany) and Klaipeda

CONDITIONS (in brief)

For official Rules and Regulations
of BAYinTRAP Young and mobile in Szczecinek
– Greifswald – Klaipeda Competition click:
17.02.2014 – 14.04.2014 in Szczecinek/
Klaipeda: tickets public transport
Szczecinek: cinema tickets
Greifswald: Amazon gift Card
in English language only
Who can participate:
You must be between 16 and 19 years old and
attending to a school in Poland, Lithuania or
Group participation:
You can build a group with a maximum
number of 3 persons
Possibility to send via E-Mail:
best on a PDF File, additional material like
pictures/drawings, photos, films or other
material can be attached you. You can also
use the registration form which you find on
Submission also possible by sending a letter to:

for German participants:
ATI erc gGmbH
Steffi Groth
Hagenower Str. 73
19061 Schwerin
for Polish participants:
ul. Wyszyńskiego 65
78 400 Szczecinek
for Lithuanian participants:
Klaipeda Public Transport
Daukanto Street 15
92235 Klaipėda
Submission date:
No later than March 31st 2014