Official Rules and Regulations of BAYinTRAP  Young and mobile in Szczecinek/Greifswald /Klaipeda Competition


The Competition is part of BAYinTRAP Project  co-financed in the framework of The South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


  • in Szczecinek: Samorządowa Agencja Promocji i Kultury w Szczecinku
  • in Greifswald: ATI erc gGmbH | Technologiezentrum Vorpommern
  • in Klaipeda: Klaipeda Public Transport Authority

1. Purposes:

  • Creating different kinds of works related to sustainable mobility in various aspects.
  • Select from among the competitors a group of participants of Summer Camps taking place in  Szczecinek (Poland), Greifswald (Germany) and Klaipeda (Lithuania) in the Summer of 2014.
  • Presenting selected works during the Summer Camps.


2. Conditions of participation:

  • Competition is open to young people aged 16 – 19 years attending schools in Szczecinek/Greifswald/Klaipeda.
  • The Official Rules and Regulations document is available on the following and is the only document which determines the rules of the BAYinTRAP Competition.
  • Each participant (or group of participants no bigger than 3 persons) is allowed to send one work.
  • Works must be original and be the creation of the participants.
  • Obligatory language of the works is English.
  • The form of the work is optional: an essay, ppt presentation, painting(s), drawing(s), comic book, set of photos etc.
  • General topic of the works must be sustainable urban transport as it is seen from the point of view of Szczecinek/Greifswald/Klaipeda. Works should be concrete and proposing solution of specific problem seen as important by participant of the competition.
  • Each work should be delivered in an envelope  marked with the words:BAYinTRAP Young and mobile in Szczecinek/ Klaipeda/Greifswald Competition or uploaded to
  • All works must be accompanied by filled Registration Form annexed to this Rules and Regulations.
  • The organizer reserves the right to use and reproduce by means of photographs, slides or any form the participants’ works in promotional booklets, to publish participants’ works in the media: TV, the Internet and press and to display the works without paying any fees or royalties.

3. Dates and addresses:


  • The Competition starts on February 17th, 2014.
  • Works together with the registration forms must be submitted by no later than March 31st, 2014.
  • Results of the Competition will be announced on April 11th, 2014.
  • Works together with the Registration Forms are to be delivered to the organizer’s address:

in Szczecinek:

Samorządowa Agencja Promocji i Kultury
ul. Wyszyńskiego 65
78 400 Szczecinek

in Greifswald:

ATI erc gGmbH
Hagenower Str. 73
19061 Schwerin

in Klaipeda:

Vš Klaipėdos keleivinis transportas
Daukanto str. 15
LT-92235 Klaipeda

  • or uploaded to
  • The Juries appointed by:
  • the Director of the Samorządowa Agencja Promocji i Kultury for Szczecinek
  • the Managing Director of  ATI erc gGmbH for Greifswald
  • the Director of  Klaipeda Public Transport Authority for Klaipeda
  • will judge and award the accepted competition works until  March 21sth, 2013.
  • All participants will be notified of the results via post or email.


4. Awards:


The awards are as follows:

in Szczecinek:

1st Prize: 24 showings pass for the cinema

2nd Prize: 18 showings pass for the cinema

3rd Prize: 12 showings pass for the cinema

in Greifswald:

1st Prize: 50,- €- Amazon Gift card

2nd Prize: 30,- € Amazon Gift Card

3rd Prize: 20,- € Amazon Gift Card

in Klaipeda:

1st Prize: 1 year ticket for public transport

2nd Prize:1/2 year ticket for public transport

3rd Price: 3 month ticket for  public transport