For interested boys and girls, there was a very special offer to spend their leisure time this summer.
For three weeks they had the opportunity to participate in the BAYinTRAP- summer camps in Poland, Lithuania and Germany. From the 28th of July to the 1st of August 2014, the International Summer Camp for students was held in Greifswald.
A total of 27 highly motivated young people aged 16 to 20 years and six team managers from Germany, Poland and Lithuania stayed as guests at the youth hostel Maritimes Jugenddorf Wieck.

The summer program was conducted as part of the South Baltic project “BAYinTRAP- Baltic Youth Influencing Transport Policies”.

So the students had the opportunity to engage internationally, to discuss together with other young people about promising urban development and last but not least to have a lot of fun. The program included daily workshops – three hours in the morning and one hour in the evening – also various leisure activities such as “a city rally, a guided bike tour by ADFC,
a trip to the Oceaneum in Stralsund, barbecue and many team-building games,” says Steffi Groth of the ATI erc gGmbH.

The goal is to awaken the motivation and enthusiasm of young people for transport issues and to show them “how enriching it is to have a look over the edge and to take an active part of the transport discussion”.

The young people themselves are the best experts in their own right. They developed their own ideas to solve the traffic problems in Greifswald. Furthermore the young people exchanged their improvement suggestions with the decision makers of the regional transport companies. However, the supervisors know that it is a challenge for the participants to engage and integrate in a short time in a diverse group of different cultures and languages.