What is BAYinTRAP?

Klaipeda4Regional authorities are executing new EU transport policies  but usually leave no or very narrow margin for public commitment. Three cities – Szczecinek in Poland, Greifswald in Germany and Klaipeda in Lithuania – all three having already an experience in sustainable transport decided to take a step into participating democracy in this area.

sapik_wiezaChanging transport happens everyday, but changing transport behaviour, mobility patterns and stimulation of acceptance for Project will create a model case study to establish a bridge between policy makers and youngsters as representatives of public.

Greifswald3Direct dialogue between policy makers, urban planners, professionals and traffic practitioners with young representatives of local communities will bring valuable social feedback on youth mobility needs and expectations to transport in future. So the core objective of the project is: To enhance public accession into the process of policy making with special consideration of urban transport.

How do we plan to achieve it?

Summer Camps will take place in all three cities. Every city will welcome groups from two other cities.

Each Summer Camp will be concluded during final meeting  when youngsters will present their ideas to local politicians (Mayors, City Councilors) and executives.

Final results of the project – good  practice book among them  will be summarized during Final Meeting.

Basic data of the Project:

Project title: Baltic Youth influencing Transport Policies

Abbreviated project name (acronym): BAYinTRAP

Project number: WTPB.02.04.00-32-060/12

Project duration: 15 January 15th,  2013 to  September 30th, 2014


What happened already:

Two meetings took place:

Kick-off meeting in Szczecinek, Poland on May 27th, 2013. During the meeting Partnership Agreement was accepted, Steering Group was constituted and its rules of operation were discussed. All the Components of the project were discussed. The meeting was opened with  the welcoming speech by Mr. Jerzy Hardie Douglas, Mayor of Szczecinek.

The second meeting took place in Greifswald, Germany on 27th of August 2013 and was devoted to different aspects of the most important part of the project – Summer Camps. ATI erc gGmbH was presenting their concept for the Greifswald Summer Camp which was discussed by the partners. It will take place at the maritime youth village “Majuwi” with a beautiful location directly situated at the marina and the beach. Furthermore the concept of the BAYinTRAP project website was introduced by the representatives of the Technology Center Greifswald who was also the host of the meeting. The BAYinTRAP website is online now. The address is www.bayintrap.eu.

BAYinTRAP project was presented on two occasions in Gdańsk, Poland.

First one was South Baltic Cross-border Edutainment Event on occasion of the European Co-operation Day 2013 on  September 18th 2013 (Gdansk Science and Technology Park).

And the second one was Active Mobility Congress taking place on 12th – 13th of September (AmberExpo Conference and Convention Centre) where Jacek Piotrowski representing BAYinTRAP project participated in the joint session Cross-border pathways to sustainable mobility.

What next:

  1. In advance of Summer Camps (winter 2014) competition will be organized in all three cities> The name of the competition: Young and mobile in  Szczecinek – Greifswald – Klaipeda”. Youngsters (16 – 19) will be ask about their ideas for clean transport in their cities.
    The form: written description, ppt presentation, photos etc. Local jury will select three proposals and three prizes will be granted. There’re two aims of the competition: to promote the project and to select participants of Summer Camps (at least part of them).
  2. Summer Camps will take place in all three cities. Every city will sent two separate groups to other two cities. The third group will stay to work with youth coming to town. To make it clearer: Szczecinek will send one group to Greifswald and another to Klaipeda. The third one will stay in Szczecinek. So we will have something like 30 – 40 youngsters at the same time at the same place. We plan to divide them into 3 – 4 groups (each group will consist of representatives of three cities). Each group will firstly recognize transport system and then prepare it’s proposals in the form of ppt presentation. We expect suggestions to be of different kind – some very simple (like moving a bench in park to another place), some demanding changes in the zoning plan.
  3. Each Summer Camp will be concluded during final meeting during which youngsters will present their ideas to local politicians (Mayors, City Coucilors) and executives responsible for public transport, roads etc. Of course the same scenario in all three cities.
  4. Final results of the project – good practice book among them will be summarized during Final Meeting (probably in Greifswald).