Here are the results of the winners of the idea competition

The Jury decided two award three equivalent award to all three works which are:

Idea name: Alternative means of urban transport in Szczecinek
Team captain Karolina Bartkowska
Idea name: Public transport in Szczecinek
Team captain Adrianna Zienkiewicz
Idea name: Young and mobile in Szczecinek – like and don’t like
Team captain Wojciech Romańczuk Wojciech Bereszyński


Idea name: Call a bus
Team captain Karl Lange

Idea name: Bike racks on busses
Team captain Michael Schmidt

Idea name: Free Wifi on the bus
Team captain Martin Hase


Idea name: Problems for bicycles in the city
Team captain Ieva Vasiliauskaitė
This work raised some problems visible for common bicycle users in the city:
obstacles on bicycle tracks, incorrect road sign markings, also some safety issues concerning
sharing of joint pedestrian/ bike paths between commuters. One of the suggested ideas is
already established – separated lines for bicycles were isolated on the road in the old town of
(Tiltų st.), leaving the sidewalks only for pedestrians. For other mentioned infrastructure
problems there is also some funding appointed in this year’s budget of Klaipėda municipality.

Idea name: Improving bicycle transport in Klaipeda city
Team captain Bernardas Zakaras
Main topic of this work was to implement some public transport means to transport bicycles
through the city in case of emergency or just in need to reach some specific destinations
without using the bicycle itself. The proposed means were buses or taxis. The result today is
that after a request from a regional municipality representative and with cooperation with 1
PT carrier, 2 vehicles were embedded with bicycle mounts with a possibility to carry up to 3
full size bicycles. Those 2 vehicles were assigned to drive in the outskirts of the city where no
bicycle tracks are established, so that people could avoid driving on the road in these areas.

Idea name: Youth lines
Team Captain Jonas Viršilas
Main idea of this work was to establish new Bus lines (youth line) throughout the city with
interconnecting mini/midi buses between them. Keynote of this would be that every single
spot in the city could be reached with no more than 2 bus transfers