July 13th – July 17th, 2014

The aim of Summer Camp in Szczecinek was two-way – first to get the picture of urban transport through the eyes of the youth and – second – an exercise in participatory democracy.
What should have been done first was to show the group of youngsters urban transport in Szczecinek in attractive and at the same time consise way. So we used the Quest – participants were divided into smaller groups and each team had to perform three identical tasks using different means of transport – buses, bicycles, water tram. They were to make observations regarding what was especially interesting – both positive and negative – and document it by making photos.

Then brainstorming session during which their observations were grouped into three thematic groups.

Three ppt presentations were prepared and presented to the Mayor of Szczecinek, Deputy Head of The County Office and Director of the company responsible for public transport. After presentations came discussion in which youth and officials participated

Pictures will follow soon